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Compassion is a state of constant giving of the self to others.

We believe that any art representation is like an energy pack for the spectator as well as for the performer. 

We believe that in the preparation process for a positive change there must be a motivating factor, since when there is MOTIVATION, your behavior changes, your thinking changes and your way of looking at life changes. The Tea Dancers seek to plant this motivating factor in the people that need it the most; with a vision to cooperate in the construction of a more healthy society through the arts.

We are a troupe of multidisciplinary artists, mainly dancers, with a show on tip toes. We bring inspiration to the un-touch by the art people. The company blends classical training with circus arts and African dance.  The source of our art form is the soul. Childlike but imbibed with professional sophistication, nothing is left to chance.  Our dance is our philosophy; it is caring, and formal, but also spontaneous. It speaks to the spirit, transforming the mind into a receptacle of fantasy, ethereal beauty and awareness.


La compasión es un estado de constante entrega de uno mismo a los demás.

Creemos que cualquier representación del arte es como un paquete de energía ya sea para el espectador como para el ejecutante. 

Creemos que en el proceso de preparación para un cambio positivo debe de haber un factor motivante, cuando hay MOTIVACION la forma de pensar, actuar y ver la vida cambia. El Ballet de la compasión busca sembrar este factor motivante en las personas que más lo necesitan, con la visión de cooperar en la construcción de una sociedad más estable y saludable atraves del arte.

The Tea Dancers / Ballet de la Compasión es una fusión de bailarines, pintores,  músicos y activistas humanitarios.
Somos un show caminante, con el objetivo de crear una Intención Positiva en escena, con la búsqueda de conmover, emocionar, y energetizar al espectador con la adrenalina del Arte. 

Our Story

Since 2005 we have been exploring a fusion between dance and humanitarianism by bringing performance art to the untouched by the art and others that may not have been exposed to youth culture, creating a bridge between worlds.  Finally in June of 2010 we decided to formalized an organization/dance-company and to extend the invitation to more artists to collaborate with us.

As difficult as it is to perform for audiences that are in such destitute situations as a homeless shelter, The Tea Dancers had an amazing and very inspiring responses from people.  95% of the times, audiences were exuberant and enthusiastically requested repeat performances.


The scenic language of the “Ballet de la Compasión” is the result of a fusion of different dance styles such as classical, contemporary, African and circus arts. Together with theater, painting, musical composition and singing creativity, the object is to create a Positive Intention on stage, seeking to move, excite and energize the spectator with the adrenaline of art.

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