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The Tea Dancers / Ballet de la Compasion
Education Program


Our engaging workshop allows students to learn the basics of hip hop, classical Indian dance forms, poi juggling, and other styles which make up the movement style of TTD / BDC. Students of any level can learn the rich history and traditions of these dance forms while also gaining valuable lessons in artistic improvisation, concentration, relaxation and teamwork. These workshops are excellent for all age groups, including adults, and can be designed as one-day experiences or as a multiple day series. A great way to break the ice, build your team, and learn something new and exciting!

Workshop Fee: $150/hour

Student Assembly
Our student assembly program is a wonderful way for students and school staff to enjoy an engaging and informative performance. In this format, students are able to see the ways in which dances of different styles, with rich histories and traditions of their own, can come together in beautiful and enriching ways. Student assembly performances are comprised of 3-4 short performances in particular styles with description provided by a TTD / BDC emcee, and 1 longer performance comprising a mélange of the various styles. Journey into the a mesmerizing world of movement!

Student Assembly Fee: $750 for one assembly


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